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Swiss Wine x ZIMT

After months of hard work – we are glad to announce that ZIMT has teamed up with 3D AG, Ambrosus, and on a super ambitious project: “SwissWine – Vision 2030”. The goal is to bring the Swiss Wine industry into the 21st century using the latest technologies and we’ll do this by issuing a unique digital passport for every single bottle of Swiss Wine that will be secured Blockchain technology.

In the world’s first project of this size, we have partnered up with the Swiss Wine Promotion Agency to build a cloud-based platform that enables every Swiss wine producer to easily access and leverage the latest digital technologies so she/he can better promote their products locally and internationally. Our platform also enables producers to optimise their day-to-day work processes, from finding new distributors and understand their sales channels, to fine-tuning their communication, offerings and services depending on the tastes and consumption patterns of different regional markets.

The ZIMT hub plays the central role in this vision as it will issue and manage those digital passports. Thanks to our multi-blockchain capability, every passports will be digitally notarised on multiple blockchains, enabling each bottle of wine to also exist in the digital world (did anyone say metaverse?) This allows consumers to interact with each bottle they buy and learn a lot more about its story – where it was made, how, by who, etc. At the same time – producers will have access to all the data about their products in real-time – who buys and drinks them, when, and where and how.

So what?

The industry associations for Swiss wine enables their members, under the leadership of the Swiss-German Wine Association (BDW), to take advantage of all the digitization opportunities and at the same time to promote Swiss wine at home and abroad with the goal to increase market share and to increase revenue & profits – and thus sustainability – for all Swiss Wine makers in the long term. 

The “SwissWine – Vision 2030” project pursues the following goals: 

  • Digitization of the entire wine value chain and the provision of a cloud platform powered by blockchain technology for all Swiss winemakers and all subsequent processing stages.   
  • Creation of a smart digital consumer label with recognition value for all Swiss wines: the “Swiss Wine Seal of Approval” 
  • Facilitate access to sales promotion measures (promotions, loyalty, competitions, digital marketing, social media, etc.) for every wine producer – large or small.
  • Collection and analysis of business intelligence data accross the entire supply and value chain.
  • Increase in the market share of Swiss Wine in Switzerland and abroad.

Benefits for winemakers?

#1 – ADDED VALUE. Offer customers additional benefits that maintain or even increase added value.

#2 – VISIBILITY. The winery and the background information of each wine are visible to the customer via a simple scan of the QR code on the label.

#3 – INFORMATION LEAD. The customer is proactively provided with information about the product.

#4 – TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE. With the label, the winemaker, like the wine cellar, will gain access to a state-of-the-art and open digitization platform.

#5 – FUNCTIONALITY. New features will constantly be added to the consumer app and producer dashboard.

Pilot phase started

The project group of the Swiss-German Wine Industry Association entered the pilot phase with great anticipation and great expectations and gave the go-ahead for this project at the end of September. 8 wineries have already decided to take part in the pilot phase. The basic functions of the IT platform and the first 100,000 labels will be available by the end of the year, and the first bottles labeled with the new “Swiss Wine Seal of Approval” will be introduced on the market early 2022.

Says Jürg Bachofner, Managing Director of the BDW: “We are pleased that this far-reaching and groundbreaking project for the Swiss wine industry is finally kicked-off, and we hope that, over the next few years, we are able to welcome many of the Swiss wineries and cellars and a large portion of the 150 million of bottles of wine that they produce per year on this platform. “ 

In order to make the project known across Switzerland and abroad, numerous marketing and sales promotion activities are planned for the start of the market launch at the beginning of next year and throughout the coming years.

All Swiss winemakers and wine cellars, who would like to join this digitization platform and the “Swiss Wine Seal of Approval” can register for this project with immediate effect. For further information, please contact your regional wine associations or the German-Swiss Wine Association (BDW).

The holographic label: the “Swiss Wine seal of approval”

The “Swiss Wine Quality Seal” is a holographic security label that contains a unique QR code – the serial number of the bottle – which can be scanned by consumers using their mobile phone. The hologram was developed by 3D AG based in Baar, in the canton of Zug.

The partners behind the project


3D AG is an independent family-owned company based in Baar, Switzerland. The company has been producing banknote security features for over 30 years and specializes in the field of micro and nanotechnology. One of their core competencies is tailor-made security holography with the aim of fighting counterfeiting and protecting the intellectual property of its customers around the world. For more information, see .


The digital blockchain-based IT platform for the Swiss Wine project is being implemented by Zimt AG, based in Zurich. ZIMT is a data certification platform that is based on blockchain technology and offers end-to-end digital traceability for food and beverage companies. Zimt’s solution provides F&B companies with the ideal platform to securely record data about their products on their way through the supply chain in a digital format and to pass this information on to their distributors, retailers, government agencies, end customers and other partners.

Dr. Vlad Trifa, CEO of ZIMT AG says: “ZIMT is proud to be the software partner for this project and to issue a digital passport for every single bottle of Swiss wine that is operated and secured with blockchain technology – a world’s first, in particular on this scale! This e-pass allows consumers around the world to find out more about Swiss wines and their producers, to check the quality and environmental impact of their product, and to easily buy more of the Swiss wines they love. “

The marketplace with more than 160 Swiss winemakers, will handle the “onboarding” of the master data of the wineries and the individual wines on the platform is ensured by our partner The platform enables a multilingual website content (German, French, Italian and English) and provides media data such as videos and images in any format compatible with any hardware device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone).

The Swiss Wine Digitalization Platform is based on a blockchain technology called Ambrosus. The Ambrosus network is a blockchain-based ecosystem optimized for IoT data transactions and supply chain management. Ambrosus’ main focus is on improving supply chains, especially food and medicine, although the protocol can be applied to virtually any complex supply chain. The Ambrosus platform can be easily integrated into existing IoT devices and IT systems in order to digitize supply chain processes and increase their transparency.