We are

a digital traceability startup

Our home base is in Zurich, Switzerland.

At ZIMT our mission is to unlock the benefits of the latest technology for your business. Our team has helped Fortune 100 companies digitize their products and operations. Our blockchain solutions are the fruit of more than fifteen years of R&D by research organizations leading the way in IoT, embedded sensors, distributed cloud computing, and Web of Things standardization.

This combination of hands-on experience and advanced R&D positions us at ZIMT to bring you blockchain solutions that work for you.

Meet the team

and the company

Dr. Vlad Trifa

CEO & ZimtMaker

Dr. Flavia Jurje

Inner Voice

Dr. Davide Merulla

Keeper of the Light

Lazar Eric

King of the Script

Our ZIMTers are our biggest asset. We invest in our team and cultivate a culture that makes ZIMT an exciting place to work.

As they say,
happy bakers bake the best bread!

Our core team is made up of entrepreneurs with substantial enterprise, academic research, and startup experience. They are experts in IoT and blockchain, of course. But they also know how to bring new solutions to market profitably.
If working at ZIMT sounds good to you, check out our openings. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply.

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