We are

a Web3 studio based in Zürich.

Our mission is to help organisations unlock the benefits of the latest technologies. 

We spent the last 15+ years doing R&D, prototypes, and large-scale enterprise solutions for numerous Fortune 100 companies. With a deep technical background in Internet of Things (IoT), distributed sensing/processing, and blockchain technologies, we have assembled a rich toolbox that help us tackle the more complex and demanding challenges.

Whatever you need, contact us to discuss a tailored proposal that fits your requirements.

Meet the team

and the company

Dr. Vlad Trifa

CEO & Founder

Dr. Flavia Jurje

Head of Policy

As they say,
happy bakers bake the best bread!

We are a globally distributed and divers team of engineers, entrepreneurs and designers with substantial corporate, academic, and startup experience. 

We know IoT, Blockchain and Web technologies inside out, and have built and operated complex B2b & B2C solutions that scale.


If working with ZIMT sounds fun, just send us a note!

We’re always keen to meet recent graduates, motivated and hard-working professionals with non-traditional backgrounds and walks of life.

We would love to meet you!