About ZIMT

We are a digital traceability startup from Zurich, Switzerland.

Our solutions are built upon 15+ years of R&D at leading academic and industrial institutions in the field of Internet of Things, embedded sensing, decentralised cloud computing, and Web of Things standardisation.

With a long industry experience, our team has helped numerous Fortune 100 companies digitalise their products and operations. Our combination of skills and past experience makes us the ideal partner to help you identify and unlock the benefits of the latest technologies to support your business.

Our Team

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Vlad Trifa, PhD
CEO & Founder

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Davide Merulla, PhD
Senior Innovation Manager

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Lazar Eric
Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Flavia Jurje, PhD
Head of Policy & Government Affairs

Our Culture

ZIMTers are our biggest strength, that's why we invest in our team and culture to provide the most exciting place to work. As they say, happy bakers bake the best bread!

Our core team is formed by entrepreneurs with substantial experience in enterprises, academia and startups. They not only know about IoT & blockchain technologies, but also how to bring it on the market and turn them into profitable businesses. We work closely with universities and hire the best talent and shape them into strong core team members.

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Sihlquai 131
8005 Zurich

P: +41 (0)79 629 8868

M: [email protected]

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