Consumer Trust

Digital Product Passports (DPPs)

Are you ready for the upcoming  regulations?

Products made or sold in any European country will soon need to come with a digital identification cards called “Digital Product Passports” (DPPs). The tools available today to issue and manage DPPs are made for large companies with deep pockets, so they’re too complex for most producers.

What about smaller brands that want a simple solution that’s easy to implement and won’t break the bank?  

Look no further! Our tools offer you the fastest way to issue DPPs for your products (we’re talking minutes, not weeks!)

Partner with us for a long-term solution that will help you comply to upcoming regulations with ease.

Every product is unique!

Our solution allows anyone to easily issue GS1-compliant DPPs for any product in a few minutes – instead of weeks. 

We verify product authenticity when purchasing online and upon delivery of the physical product via a unique serial number given to each bottle.

Secure Digital Twins

Each product is assigned a crypto-secure and globally unique serial number (ZIMT ID) which is digitally signed and tied to the organisation that makes the product. Just like NFTs, this makes it impossible to generate “fake” serial numbers.

The serial ID can then be used to generate a GS1 Digital Link for the product and attached to it via.

Consumer Engagement

Customized Consumer Engagement module displays origin information either in response to a QR-code scan or a click on an e-commerce site.

Roles and Management

Different members information is visible by the association boards but kept private and under their control.