How it Works

The ZIMTology

Certified, Private & Scalable Data Handling

The stream of newly created data is continuously processed by the ZIMT hub to guarantee both privacy and integrity.

Upon arrival, a Proof of Existence of the data is created using cryptography, and while the data is stored in a repository choose by the owner, the PoE is stored in one or several blockchains. In so doing, the information remains fully private while the proof of existence becomes immutable, time-stamped, and publicly accessible.

Whenever required, the information can be easily certified by calculating the PoE ex-novo and comparing it with the one previously stored in the blockchain. The PoEs will match only if the original and the newly retrieved data sets are identical.

The system is fully automated, seamless, and extremely secure, the PoE alone is completely meaningless and the data is always under the full control of the owner.

Client App

sends a Write Request to ZIMT API with the Data to Notarise.


verifies data hashes & sigmatures and issues a Proof of Existence (POE) that is returned to the client as receipt.


The Data is stored in a private database (ZIMT’s or client’s private storage / DB)


The Proof (POE) of the data will then be stored in a Bundle document that can be stored on any repository (IPFS, S3, etc.) and must be accessible at all times by anyone wanting to verify data.

Proof Hashes

Finally , the Hash of the Bundle itself is recorded in transactions on or several Blockchains if configured.

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