The ZIMT Hub

Your gateway to any blockchain.

Integrate any blockchain in your products and services - without the hassle.

Building Blockchain-powered enterprise services is tough, risky, and expensive. 

We know – we’ve done it since 2017!

You need to choose a chain, run and scale nodes and RPC proxies, buy and manage tokens, issue and secure wallets, keep track of gas fees, and much more. Without a dedicated and experienced team (and/or deep pockets) most organisation will be left in the past and taken over by younger and more agile that master those technologies. 

ZIMT is here to change this! The Hub is a SaaS that handles of all the nitty-gritty required to connect with Blockchains so you don’t have to worry about any of it – just connect to our API using tools and frameworks you’re already using!

We connect to 10+ Blockchains and provide you a uniform API to issue and manage NFTs on any chain without any pain.

Your app / service / product

Sends to our API any data or information you’d like to notarise on chain. 


Verifies data hashes and signatures, then generate a Proof of Existence (POE) returned to the client as receipt.

Data is stored securely

The Hub only stores the POE of you data (~hash). The original data is only known to you and stored in your private database or systems (or we can handle it if you prefer).

Proof is notarised

The Proof of Existence (POE) of the data is then stored inside a bundle document (a bunch of hashes) which is stored in any repository (IPFS, S3, etc.). Anyone that has access to the original data, must be accessible at all times to anyone wanting to verify data.

Proof hashes

The bundle hashes are finally recorded in a transaction on one or several chains as required. 

Want to see the Hub in action?