Our specialty:

Transform how you collect, share, and leverage trusted data.

Wherever you are in your digitization journey, ZIMT Hub can bring data immutability to your legacy assets.

ZIMT Hub is easy and affordable to buy from month to month, so there’s no reason to wait to start using blockchain.

Digital Twins

Move from Excel spreadsheets—or even paper—to a data-driven solution. Just log on to ZIMT Hub, download a ZIMT Field App, and start collecting certified data. For food products, like organic, fair-trade coffee, each bean can be tracked from picker to supermarket shelf.


All data goes through ZIMT Hub—easy to configure from the Dashboard—to be blockchain-certified. The ZIMT Engagement module lets you generate QR codes with direct access to information, whether it is about a product, industrial machine, or anything else you can imagine. Smart permissions let you decide what you share with users inside and outside your organization.

Super digitize

With IoT-ready ZIMT, you can deploy and manage secure IoT systems and business automation solutions.
Turn anything into a source of data and integrate that data with your legacy IT systems with full privacy and traceability

Here’s what...

ZIMT can do for you

ZIMT is for organizations of all sizes, from all industries. It is also a powerful tool developers and solutions providers can use to bring their customers blockchain.

If you are an enterprise or other large organization…

  • Digitize with speed and scale to achieve super digitization
  • Bring your customers trusted products and solutions
  • Get more value out of your legacy investments
  • Reduce CapEx and optimize OpEx

If you are a solutions provider…

  • Bring your customers
    blockchain-enabled products and
  • No need for in-house blockchain programming experts
  • Predictable cost structure for easy purchasing and budgeting

If you are a developer…

  • Launch and scale multi-blockchain apps and services, even if you have zero blockchain programming knowledge