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core platform

Your Trusted Digital Notary Service

The ZIMT Hub is the central component of our solution. It's a simple online service that can securely collect data from any application, device, or existing IT system in place and notarise using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

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Sensors & IoT Ready

Our APIs are built upon 15+ years (and a book) of battle-tested R&D in, well, API standards at MIT, SAP and W3C.


You can easily read, edit, and write your own code, or change everything.


The Hub can connect to any distributed ledger technology you may want to use to ensure your data and service will never end up stuck on the wrong 'chain.

Seriously Secure

Tired of reading daily about data breaches in the news? So were we! Our API and data model leverages the latest techniques in computer security to ensure no one can see something they shouldn't.

Your place or ours?

Our Hub is built in a very modular way, meaning you can easily configure what data is stored where (server type, geography, etc.) to ensure you comply with the latest regulations in vigour.

Expertise and Support

Our team has a

Solutions Overview

We provide a set of tools and services enabling our customers and partners to rapidly build, scale and fine-tune a variety of mobile applications for your field force so they have access to the right information at the right time, with utmost security and trust in place.

#1 - Data Collection - ZIMT Capture

ZIMT Capture™ is a mobile data collection solution for securely collecting traceability data of raw materials and finished products along the entire supply chain from trusted field workers and employees.

- Secure user management (private keys)
- Multi-platform (Web + native iOS/Android)
- Off-line mode for remote rural areas
- Biometrics support (FaceID, fingerprints,…)
- IOT support (barcodes, NFC, BLE, sensors)
- Customisable forms and workflows
- Multiple data types/models (text, images, etc.)
- Look and feel easily adapted/branded

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#2 - Data Integration - ZIMT Hub

ZIMT Hubsits at the heart of our solutions and is the bridge between DLTs and traditional enterprise systems. The Hub provides an easy to use REST APIs your applications can easily send data to, and it takes care of managing, storing, and sharing the data as needed.

- Developer-friendly (see our API documentation)
- Integrates with any blockchain (Ethereum public/private, hyperledger, etc.)
- Manage user accounts and permissions
- Clean data models (assets, events, )
- IoT data ready (sensor readings, rules, alerts - example)

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#3 - Data Visualisation - ZIMT View

ZIMT View™ is an easy to use and customisable public data viewer to allow your end-clients to visualise traceability, quality parameters and provenance information about your products.

- Linked to asset / event official ZIMT ID
- Displays public assets & events in a consumer-friendly design
- Displays product history & timelines
- Integrates third party certifications (organic, fair-trade, CO2 neutral, etc.)
- Easily customised and branded for each client, product, or asset type
- Built-in data verification & validation

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