Data, certified.

The easiest way to
digitally notarise any data
on any blockchain.


connects Web2 developers with the Web3 world.

We believe that access to Blockchain technology should be simple, affordable, and universal. That’s why we’re building a cloud service that allows your to connect any data with any blockchain.

Do you want to Kickstart digitalisation within your organisation, increase consumer trust in your products and services, or make your online transactions and interactions more transparent and secure?

Any blockchain. Any use case.
Any scale.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 organisation, a solutions provider, or a freelance Web developer looking to get into the Blockchain world – we offer you the easiest and fastest way to use Blockchain technologies to guarantee the integrity of any data.

No more need to be a blockchain expert or spend months becoming one.

Add value to your existing digital assets

Integrate any app, device, or service with any blockchain in minutes  that to our REST API. 

ZIMT works with the systems you already have so you can rapidly augment your solutions.


Prepare for your super-digitized future

ZIMT is blockchain-agnostic, so no need to choose a single platform and risk betting on the wrong hors.. ahem ecosystem.

You can build, scale, and operate quickly and securely knowing that you can always integrate and connect any new hot Blockchain.

All that for a competitive and predictable cost. Now and far into the future!

All of Blockchain,

none of the pain.

The ZIMT Hub is a multi-blockchain middleware that lives in the cloud.  

We abstracts different blockchain platforms behind a single, uniform REST API. You can bridge any device, machine, or IT system with any blockchains with a single line of code. 

No more need to master dozens of complex (and often experimental…) 


With ZIMT Hub, your data mirrors your physical assets’ lifecycles. As assets undergo various processes they can be combined, split up, and combined again, infinitely.

All without losing traceability or compromising on privacy. The potential uses are endless.


You don’t have to develop a whole new backend to interact with one or multiple blockchains.

Start collecting data with ZIMT Field Apps and the data will automatically be added to your IT system and the blockchain.


ZIMT Hub works in parallel to your existing systems—whatever those systems are.

It also interfaces with any blockchain. This means you can certify your data on any blockchain and change blockchains if you need to.


With ZIMT you can bulk input data, generate proof-of-existence, and send the receipt back to the participant to verify, for data certification at any scale.

Our algorithm can certify thousands of transactions at once, keeping the per-transaction cost down —way down— at any scale

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824509.