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ZIMT makes it easy to integrate any data or service to any Blockchain ecosystem.

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WHAT We do

Transparency - Auditability - Automation

We build tools and services that help businesses accelerate their digitalisation journey by reducing the effort and cost of capturing, integrating, and sharing sensitive data.

#1 - First Mile Data Capture

Our configurable capture application transforms your field employees into trusted information collectors. We offer a pragmatic solution to improve your first mile traceability and collect GPS locations, photos, documents, questionnaires and reports, even in remote areas with no internet connectivity.

#2 - Last Mile Interaction

Communicate directly with your customers and provide information and generate trust. Reliable data acquired from the field can be shown by scanning a QR code. Claim product values and support the brand image. Provide product’s origin and demonstrate Sustainable Development Goals projects thanks to trusted and accountable data.

#3 - Supply Chain Transparency

Thanks to the anti-tampering nature of distributed ledgers, the integrity and origin of any data can be proven digitally without any ambiguity. This provides a single source of truth across systems which prevents outdated or corrupted information to be used in your processes. This makes it easier to automate and scale your operations, especially when collaborating with partners.

#4 - Process and Data Digitalisation

We make it easy to scan, notarise, archive and share in real-time data and documents via our secure cloud service. This increases the efficiency of your operations and lowers the cost of the paper handling. 

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business Benefits

Why a Digital Notary?

As software eats the world, tasks and decisions will be increasingly done by machines and code. For this to scale, data used for decision-making must be trusted. Our digital notary solution enables you to integrate data from every corner of your system with the the utmost security.

Smarter Data

Gain real-time visibility of your operations and uncover the darkest corners of your supply chains. This will enable you enable you to detect potential disruptions early enough and steer course to avoid them.

Faster Operations

Digital notaries enable separate systems to trust each other making key processes a lot faster.

Cheaper Audits

Get rid of unreliable data capture methods - and turn your employees into trusted data collectors. The days of pen and paper are soon over!

Fewer Errors

Humans make mistakes - and some of those can be very costly. Using technology to collect data can reduce errors and problems arising from incorrect data.

Better Services

You make great products, so show the quality, origin, and provenance of your products.

Happier Customers

Provide your clients the products and services they deserve.

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