Data, certified.

ZIMT makes your data trusted data
every time.


the SaaS blockchain hub

We believe that certifying data should be simple, affordable, and universal. So, we developed ZIMT Hub, a powerful, scalable SaaS blockchain hub capable of connecting anything you need to any blockchain.

Kickstart digitization within your organization, increase consumer trust in your products and services — think IoT — , and make your online transactions and interactions more transparent and secure with ZIMT.

Bring any blockchain to any use case at any scale

Whether you are an enterprise, solutions provider, or developer, ZIMT brings you the data integrity of blockchain with plug-and-play simplicity.

You don’t need to be a blockchain expert or spend time becoming one.

Add value to your existing digital assets

Integrate your apps and systems with any blockchain, avoid legacy issues if a blockchain fails, and use multiple blockchains.

ZIMT works with the assets you have so you can rapidly augment your solutions.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Prepare for your super-digitized future

With blockchain-agnostic, multi-blockchain ZIMT, there is no need to choose and no risk of lock-in.

You can build, scale, and operate quickly and securely.

All at a manageable and predictable cost. Now and far into the future.


without the complexity

ZIMT is an innovative blockchain middleware solution that uses a simple REST API. Located between the application layer and blockchain layer, this middleware layer lets you integrate any device, machine, or IT system with the blockchain or blockchains of your choice.


With ZIMT Hub, your data mirrors your physical assets’ lifecycles. As assets undergo various processes they can be combined, split up, and combined again, infinitely.

All without losing traceability or compromising on privacy. The potential uses are endless.


You don’t have to develop a whole new backend to interact with one or multiple blockchains.

Start collecting data with ZIMT Field Apps and the data will automatically be added to your IT system and the blockchain.


ZIMT Hub works in parallel to your existing systems—whatever those systems are.

It also interfaces with any blockchain. This means you can certify your data on any blockchain and change blockchains if you need to.

Affordable at any scale

With ZIMT you can bulk input data, generate proof-of-existence, and send the receipt back to the participant to verify, for data certification at any scale.

Our algorithm can certify thousands of transactions at once, keeping the per-transaction cost down —way down— at any scale

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824509.