1, 2, 3... NFT!

The fastest way to unlock the benefits of Blockchains for your organisation

We are a Web 3 studio.

Building enterprise-grade blockchain products and services is complex, expensive, and risky. We know – we’ve been doing it since 2017!

Our mission is to change this and enable organisations unlock the full potential of those new technologies.

That’s why we built the tools that make it easy to integrate your apps and services with any blockchain.

Read on to learn how our cutting-edge technology can help you transform your organization and disrupt your industry.

What we do


Leading the way in blockchain innovation, we push the boundaries of technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions for various industries. 

From researching new possibilities to building prototypes and custom solutions, we have the skills and experience to turn your blockchain aspirations into reality.


Over the years, we’ve built numerous blockchain services, apps, and tools. 

The Gasplorer allows you to track gas fees across numerous networks over time. 

With the Viewer allows you to view all the information about NFTs on multiple chains.

The Hub lets you mint NFTs on those networks in minutes.


ZIMT is blockchain-agnostic, so no need to choose a single platform and risk betting on the wrong hors.. ahem ecosystem.

You can build, scale, and operate quickly and securely knowing that you can always integrate and connect any new hot Blockchain.

All that for a competitive and predictable cost. Now and far into the future!


why ZIMT?

Building Blockchain apps is tricky. You need to run and scale RPC nodes, manage wallets and tokens, write and deploy smart contracts, and so on.   

With the hub, no need to worry about any of that! Just head over the dash to mint your first NFT or directly integrate it in using our REST API!

No need to learn dozens of programming languages! We made the hard work to make so you can easily connect to 10+ chains at once. 

The best part? It’s FREE to get started so just create your account today!


The Hub provides you all the benefits of blockchain technologies, but without the typical hurdles.

As the actual data never goes on chain, but only proofs of proofs, we can potentially notarise terabytes of individual records within a single transaction on chain.


With ZIMT you're not anymore limited by the max transactions/second of any particular chain or subject to the crazy gas fee variations.

The Hub handles all of this locally so our API is blazing fast just like other Web2 services out there, yet all data are digitally notarised in the back!


Don't risk betting on the wrong horse by picking the wrong Blockchain!

ZIMT Hub is chain-agnostic which means you don't need to learn the specifics of multiple chains, run many nodes, and buy lots of tokens - we do this for you!

This lets you switch the blockchain used by your project at any time in seconds, or why direct integrate with multiple chains at once.

Easy to use

We believe every organisation should have access to Blockchain technology. Whether you're a solo developer or a Fortune 50, it's free to get started.

No need to write a single line of code or install metamask (unless you really want to) - just signup and you'll be on your way to mint your first NFT!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824509.